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Inspiring transformational leadership

Leadership Coaching & Consulting


About EDspired 

Founded in 2010, EDspired partners with mission-driven leaders and organizations to inspire transformation and unleash potential.



Coaching is a partnership and process between the coach and client.


Coaching can help you:

  • Navigate change

  • Optimize work performance

  • Develop empowering habits

  • Manage work/life harmony

  • Coach and develop others



If you believe in challenging boundaries and disrupting systems, we want to support you!



We partner with education leaders to help design impactful solutions.


Consulting can help you:

  • Move from your current state to your desired state, faster

  • Manage projects from inception to completion


If your organization is seeking to partner with a seasoned change agent that has deep understanding of the educational landscape, we are here to help!

Meet the Founder

"I believe that change comes from within, by choice and with a little push from a coach."

Reem Labib Tyson is committed to coaching mission-driven leaders and organizations to achieve personal and professional impact. 

With over twenty years as a leader in the education sector, Reem is gifted at creating space for people to develop and thrive in their personal and professional lives. Reem believes that everyone has gifts and oftentimes, we need to silence our brains and get out of our own way to see what is possible.


Reem earned a BA in Psychology from The George Washington University, an M.Ed. in Education from George Mason University. She completed an Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership and she is a PCC credentialed coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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Individual Leadership Coaching

Individualized coaching resulting in clients clarifying goals, taking bold action, and achieving outcomes

Group/Team Coaching

Cultivating people and potential in a group/team setting to achieve high quality results

Thought Partnership

Collaboratively navigating complex challenges to create bold solutions

Education Project Management

Partnering with K-12 schools to customize solutions for development, implementation, and monitoring of academic and organizational systems

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