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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership and a process between the coach and the client. The role of the coach is to listen and ask thought-provoking questions to support the client in new discovery and thinking about themselves. Coaching services may address leadership development, job performance and satisfaction, or general conditions in the client's business or profession.

You, the client, are in charge of the relationship and set the agenda. We co-create a plan which propels you to become the leader you aspire to be. Your success will depend on your willingness to take risks, engage deeply with the coaching, and try new approaches. Once we set goals, I offer tools and approaches to strengthen your leadership practices, and provide trusted insights into your performance and potential. We will also put accountability measures in place that work for you and regularly monitor your progress against those measures.


Who am I as a Coach?

My role is to be of service to you. There will be times, with your permission, that I will offer advice or suggestions. My delivery is authentic, kind, and results-driven. A successful coaching session or engagement is when you gain clarity and are able to see your situation from a different perspective and take action.

My Ideal Client

My ideal client is a high-performing leader or team that is ready for the next level and  embraces hard work. I best coach people who are resilient, reflective, and pride themselves on taking bold action at work and in life. If you or your organization believe in challenging boundaries and disrupting the system, I want to support you!

Coaching Process

We start with a discovery call prior to entering a formal engagement. I will ask you a few questions to get to know you and learn more about why you are seeking coaching. This is a time for us to establish rapport and see if the coach/client relationship will be a good mutual fit. This call will help you decide if you feel comfortable talking to me and whether you think you will grow to trust me and this process.


The next step is an initial coaching session to clarify and establish overarching goals for the engagement. You decide what you specifically want to focus on each session and have agency to decide where to start and stop a conversation. I am responsible for holding space for you to fully express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Through powerful questioning, introspection, self-awareness, and reflection, coaching can empower you to uncover your own answers while I support you along the way. You may think you are rambling when you are really processing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions out loud.


Coaching helps you to explore possibility and speak your truth in a safe and confidential space. Engagements vary, with most lasting 6-9 months with one hour sessions taking place twice a month.  This is customizable and dependent on your needs.

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