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Education Consulting

EDspired has been supporting schools and leaders globally since 2010. We launched our consulting business to address the gaps in capacity that small/single site charter schools often faced. Our approach is hands-on and practical. We are willing to roll up our sleeves and lead by example. It’s important for us to establish a rapport with our clients and individualize everything we do. Our guidance comes from experience and expertise and we believe in life-long learning for everyone, including us!

Our Services

  • Developing instructional and organizational systems and providing support with implementation and monitoring

  • Serving as a thought partner to school leaders and leadership teams

  • Designing comprehensive teacher and school leader evaluation systems

  • Instructional coaching

  • Coordinating and facilitating professional learning communities through online book clubs and webinars

  • Assessing the needs of the academic program; creating and implementing a collaborative action plan

  • Conducting school quality reviews

  • Providing sustained professional development

  • Project management (i.e. curriculum development, accreditation)

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